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Varien_Convert_Container_Abstract Varien_Convert_Adapter_Interface Varien_Convert_Container_Interface Mage_Core_Model_Convert_Adapter_Interactive Varien_Convert_Adapter_Db_Table Varien_Convert_Adapter_Http Varien_Convert_Adapter_Http_Curl Varien_Convert_Adapter_Io Varien_Convert_Adapter_Soap Varien_Convert_Adapter_Std Varien_Convert_Adapter_Zend_Cache Varien_Convert_Adapter_Zend_Db

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Public Member Functions

 getResource ()
 setResource ($resource)

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file Abstract.php.

Member Function Documentation

getResource (  ) 

Retrieve resource generic method


Reimplemented in Varien_Convert_Adapter_Db_Table, Varien_Convert_Adapter_Io, Varien_Convert_Adapter_Zend_Cache, and Varien_Convert_Adapter_Zend_Db.

Definition at line 49 of file Abstract.php.

00050     {
00051         return $this->_resource;
00052     }

setResource ( resource  ) 

Set resource for the adapter

object $resource

Definition at line 60 of file Abstract.php.

00061     {
00062         $this->_resource = $resource;
00063         return $this;
00064     }

Member Data Documentation

$_resource [protected]

Definition at line 42 of file Abstract.php.

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