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Mage_Core_Model_Abstract Varien_Object

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Public Member Functions

 loadByAttributeSetId ($attributeSetId, $targetCountry)

Protected Member Functions

 _construct ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file Type.php.

Member Function Documentation

_construct (  )  [protected]

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Reimplemented from Varien_Object.

Definition at line 36 of file Type.php.

00037     {
00038         $this->_init('googlebase/type');
00039     }

loadByAttributeSetId ( attributeSetId,

Load type model by Attribute Set Id

int $attributeSetId Attribute Set
string $targetCountry Two-letters country ISO code

Definition at line 48 of file Type.php.

00049     {
00050         $typeId = $this->getResource()->getTypeIdByAttributeSetId($attributeSetId, $targetCountry);
00051         return $this->load($typeId);
00052     }

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