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package  Mage_Catalog


 $installer = $this
 $query = $installer->getConnection()->query($select)
getConnection ()->dropKey($installer->getTable('catalog/category_product_index')
$installer array ('category_id', 'product_id', 'is_parent', 'store_id')

Variable Documentation

$installer = $this

Definition at line 27 of file mysql4-upgrade-0.7.56-0.7.57.php.

$query = $installer->getConnection()->query($select)

Definition at line 41 of file mysql4-upgrade-0.7.56-0.7.57.php.


Initial value:

    ->from($installer->getTable('catalog/category_product_index'), array(
        'category_id' => 'category_id',
        'product_id'  => 'product_id',
        'is_parent'   => 'is_parent',
        'store_id'    => 'store_id',
        'rows_count'  => 'COUNT(*)'))
    ->group(array('category_id' , 'product_id' , 'is_parent' , 'store_id'))
    ->having('rows_count > 1')

Definition at line 32 of file mysql4-upgrade-0.7.56-0.7.57.php.

Additional buttons on category page

Renderers with render type key block => the block name template => the template file renderer => the block object

Renderers for other column with column name key block => the block name template => the template file renderer => the block object

Grid columns

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List of available modes from source model key => label

breadcrumbs links

Array of buttons

Massaction items

Columns array

array( 'header' => string, 'width' => int, 'sortable' => bool, 'index' => string, //'renderer' => Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Widget_Grid_Column_Renderer_Interface, 'format' => string 'total' => string (sum, avg) )

Grid export types

tabs structure

Array of actions which can be processed without secret key validation

Array of products that not available in selected store

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array( [$countryId] => Varien_Data_Collection_Db )

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Product amount per row in grid display mode depending on custom page layout of category

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This array contain default values for attributes which was redefine value for store

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Product Attributes For Sort By

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Product object customization (not stored in DB)

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Allowed filters store_id category_id category_is_anchor visibility website_ids

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Attribute objects for flat cache

Required system attributes for preload

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Product atrribute cache

Stores configuration array

Category attribute properties cache

Product attribute properties cache

Categories cache for products

Rewrite cache

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Predefined set of indexer types which are related with product price

Predefined sets of indexer types which are related with product filterable attributes

Tproduct types sorted by index priority

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Retreiver model names cache

All product types registry in scope of quantity availability

Product qty's checked data is valid if you check quote item qty and use singleton instance

Note messages

User friendly search criteria list

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Allow steps array

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for example used to disable rendering default layout

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Handles used in this update

Substitution values in structure array('from'=>array(), 'to'=>array())

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Helper blocks cache for this layout

Emulated locales stack

All messages by type array

Connections cache for this resource model

Tables used in this resource model

Main table unique keys field names

could array( array('field' => 'db_field_name1', 'title' => 'Field 1 should be unique') array('field' => 'db_field_name2', 'title' => 'Field 2 should be unique') array( 'field' => array('db_field_name3', 'db_field_name3'), 'title' => 'Field 3 and Field 4 combination should be unique' ) )

or string 'my_field_name' - will be autoconverted to array( array( 'field' => 'my_field_name', 'title' => 'my_field_name' ) )

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Hold information about action container

Field list

Currency Rates

Currency rate cache array

Remote server headers

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Attributes data

Information about preloaded attributes

Information about entity types with initialized attributes

Attribute codes cache array

Initialized objects

array ($objectId => $object)

References between codes and identifiers

array ( 'attributes'=> array ($attributeId => $attributeCode), 'entities' => array ($entityId => $entityCode) )

Array of attributes objects used in collections

Attributes array by attribute id

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Attributes that are static fields in entity table

Describe data for tables

Attribute id cache

Options array

Default values for option cache

Array of items with item id key

Entity static fields

Entity types to be fetched for objects in collection

Attributes to be fetched for objects in collection

Attributes to be filtered order sorted by

Joined entities

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Joined fields data

Inner cache

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Product collection array

Products collection where changed price

Product collection which of back in stock

Warning (exception) errors array

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Default ignored attribute codes per entity type

Product Ids array

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model => the model name renderer => the renderer model

Array of action flags for canUnhold, canEdit, etc.

Total models array

Total data as array

Item options array

Item options by code cache

Not Represent options

Default shipping orig for requests

Attribute cache

Join Flags

Shared store ids (website stores)

All collection data array Used for getData method

Fields map for corellation names & real selected fields

Collection items

Order configuration

Filters configuration

Additional collection flags

Elements storage

form elements index

Tables DDL cache

SQL bind params

Array of additional tables

array( [$tableName] => array( ['joinCondition'] ['fields'] ) )

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Array of observers

Uploaded file handle (copy of $_FILES[] element)


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Parameters array

Connection config

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Debug data such as backtrace per class

Object attributes

Original data that was loaded

Setter/Getter underscore transformation cache

Timers for code profiling

Registry collection

Definition at line 62 of file mysql4-upgrade-0.7.56-0.7.57.php.

$installer getConnection()->addKey($installer->getTable('catalog/category_product_index')

Definition at line 55 of file mysql4-upgrade-0.7.56-0.7.57.php.

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